Tools For Success

Your Success Won't Be Left to Chance

When you become a Diet Center Franchisee, you can be confident we won't leave your success to chance. With 40 years of experience helping new franchisees get started, we've developed a hands-on education, training and support system to help get your business up and running quickly and confidently.



A Team You Can Count On
When you become a Diet Center franchisee, we appoint a team of professionals in our home office to support you. Your Franchise Support Team will answer questions, guide your training and prepare you for the day-to-day operation of your Diet Center franchise. And they'll be there to help you plan your path to success. Their number one goal is to help you develop and manage the lucrative business you've dreamed about.

Comprehensive Training and a System That Works
Diet Center has developed a winning operating formula in the weight loss industry, and we'll share it with you. Before you open the doors to your new Diet Center franchise, you will have spent a full three weeks in our comprehensive training program learning the secrets to achieving success. Our copyrighted easy-to-understand "How-To" manuals will provide you with the keys to a successful business.

The Diet Center training program helps eliminate guesswork through the benefit of our many years of experience in the weight loss and weight management industry. Once your Diet Center is up and running, we offer on-going training to help keep you up to date with the latest developments in the weight loss and weight management field.

A Territory of Your Own
Every Diet Center franchisee will receive an exclusive geographic territory in which to operate. Your territory will represent your "Local Community", which means you'll already know many of your clients when you open your doors. This is an important advantage because no one knows your community like you do! Your selected territory will include an area which meets our population and demographic standards for supporting a successful business operation. At Diet Center, you also have the option of purchasing more than one franchise so you can expand your business universe as you grow!

Site Selection and Market Strategy Support
The more you know about your potential clients and competition, the more successful you will be. We will assist you in examining demographic/geographic data with our state of the art deographic studies software to aid in site selection and help you develop marketing initiatives to help draw clients to your Diet Center location.

Marketing and Advertising Support
Never underestimate the power of an established brand to drive business! Our franchise network has laid the groundwork of the Diet Center brand, a well-known, trusted name that has been around for 40 years and is associated with proven, positive weight loss solutions! Our franchise network has invested millions of dollars in building and establishing a name which you can build on.

As a Diet Center franchisee, you'll have access to the full array of marketing and advertising materials developed by our corporate marketing professionals. Brochures, print ads, radio scripts, television spots, and our web site ( all help to promote and strengthen the Diet Center brand and contribute to driving business to your location!

One of our newest and most exciting developments in the area of marketing is our Personalized Advertising Management System, or PAMS for short. This state-of-the-art program enables franchisees to create their own personal advertising and promotional material online with the "click of a button"! The system provides you with the ability to customize materials for your own center and market, change photographs, headlines, promotional offers, address information, telephone numbers, dates, and more in each design.

Ongoing Product Research and Development
Diet Center has a 40 year track record in the development of weight loss and weight management programs and products. Our corporate marketing and research & development professionals analyze the latest developments in the industry to achieve innovative, effective programs and products that will help attract clients to your doors. You can be confident that we'll always provide you with superior weight loss solutions and high quality products so you can keep your competitive edge.