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Diet Center offers four unique weight loss programs to meet each dieter's specific needs. Whether they're seeking a traditional meal plan featuring mostly grocery store foods, a powerful thermogenic option or the convenience of meal replacements, each is assured a weight loss plan that will really work for them backed by the caring one-on-one support and guidance Diet Center is known for.



Diet Center Offers Four Unique Weight Loss Plans

Four Unique Programs To Meet Each Dieter's Needs!

Diet Center recognizes that when it comes to weight loss, one diet does not fit all! That's why we offer four distinctly different weight loss programs to meet the unique needs of each dieter. Each diet plan features our exclusive Diet Center Chewable Supplements which help promote satiety, stabilize blood sugar levels and more. And with the exception of the 21 Day Diet which has its own format, they're all based on four important weight loss phases: Conditioning, Reducing, Stabilization and Maintenance. When combined with the one-on-one support of a personal diet counselor, our diet and maintanance programs are part of the winning combination for weight loss success enjoyed by over 15 million dieters (and counting) who've lost weight the Diet Center Way. Read on to learn more about each of our programs and the one-on-one counseling and maintenance programs that support them.

Exclusively You: Personalized Weight Loss

Based on traditional principles of sound nutrition, portion control and healthier food choices updated with the most current thinking in food management, Exclusively You features easy-to-follow meal plans prepared with mostly grocery store foods. Exclusively You is ideal for clients who want to lose weight through finally learning how to overcome poor eating habits, make healthier food choices and prepare meals in a healthier way. Throughout the program and beyond, clients learn how to view food differently and incorporate tips and tricks to not only achieve their weight loss goals, but also maintain them for life. Our flagship program, the principles behind Exclusively You serve as the foundation for each and every Diet Center Program.

Instant Shape Up:  Convenient Meal Replacement
Instant Shape Up is a versatile meal replacement plan perfect for people who are simply too busy to plan and prepare all of their meals during the day. Designed to be higher in protein and lower in carbohydrates, the program features tasty Instant Shape Up meal replacement bars and shakes which are not only tasty and fulfilling, but also formulated especially for use with this program. The meal plan consists of consuming three meal replacements throughout the day along with one wholesome meal and snack prepared with grocery store foods. This versatile program is also used in the three day Conditioning Phase of Exclusively You to help jump start weight loss and is often used to help clients overcome temporary weight loss plateaus.

The 21 Day Diet: Powerful Thermogenic Results
Ideal for clients who want to lose weight in time for a special event that's just weeks away, when used exactly as prescribed the 21 Day Diet delivers powerful weight loss results. Based on thermogenic principles which combine certain foods with specific supplements, nutrients, herbs and spices, this diet is designed to help turn your body into a fat burning machine. Specially formulated Gold Premium Protein Supplements and our highly specialized water enhancer are incorporated into its meal plans to help client's achieve maximum fat burning results. The program is available in a three or five meal format to help meet each client's specific needs. Once the desired weight loss results are achieved, its special Maintenance Plan will help clients keep those pounds off for good.

DIETFAST: Our Most Powerful Program Ever
Combining the best of all Diet Center programs and then some,  DIETFAST is our latest innovation toward quick weight loss success. Like Exclusively You, DIETFAST offers guidance toward healthier food choices and meal preparation, but with food options hand-picked to deliver exceptional results. Like Instant Shape Up, DIETFAST offers the convenience of meal replacements, but with a proprietary blend of ingredients to help burn fat, control hunger and support metabolism. And like the 21 Day Diet, DIETFAST offers fat burning food choices, but with a wider variety of options and with many other selections offered for high satiety, high fiber and/or low glycemic properties. The result is Diet Center's most powerful and versatile program ever.