Dealing With a Weight-Loss Plateau

From time to time, you might notice that the scale stops moving even when you think you're following your meal and fitness plans perfectly. It's called a weight-loss plateau, and the important thing to remember is ….that you will get past it!

When a plateau occurs, try these techniques to get the scale moving again:

Stick to your efforts. Now is not the time to jump ship on your weight-loss journey. Instead, it's time to be more intense about following your plan.

Step up your self-monitoring. Often, people hit plateaus after they stop monitoring how much food they're eating and how much exercise they're getting. Start keeping records again --it works — looking over your notes will probably tell you where the problem lies.

Rev it up. It's a great time to change the intensity of your workout program or activity. A change in your routine often gets things moving. Increase your heart rate or add more resistance this week.

Watch portion distortion. Over time, "portion creep" can happen. We think we are estimating the amount we are eating accurately, but in fact we have gradually begun underestimating portion sizes. Use our patented portion Plate to help remind you what appropriate portions look like, putting your ability to "eyeball" them back on track.

Write on. If you've gotten out of the habit of writing your food and exercise down in a journal, it's a great time to restart, even if it's just dinner, or all food one day a week. You might discover why weight loss has stalled faster than you expected.

Go Retro. Reconnect with your motivation for starting this healthy lifestyle journey. Think back on your impetus to change and try and reignite that initial spark. Think of all the benefits of your efforts to date. Brainstorm ideas for facing this plateau. Express your feelings. Explore negative self-talk.

Remember, while weight-loss plateaus are frustrating, they are also normal and quite common. But don't let a plateau turn into an excuse to give up. Hang in there — the results will be well worth it.

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