If Then Scenario

Have you ever tried to lose weight before or set any other goal for yourself, and got caught up with the “if-then”scenario. You’ll find yourself thinking…

            If I lose 25 pounds, then, I’ll treat myself to that cruise I promised myself

            If I get into a size 8, then, I’ll go dancing

            If I get down to my High School weight, then, I’ll go to the reunion

The problem with this thinking is that you’re constantly “stuck” in a holding pattern. You’re not feeling good about yourself right now, and waiting for magic to strike. CHANGE doesn’t happen while you’re waiting. Feel good about the process and reward yourself often. Don’t wait to give yourself positive feedback.

We need to focus on a positive mental attitude toward our bodies—NO MATTER WHAT SIZE we are……… we’re all just “average” bodies.

We have learned that most people would rather look for the negative aspects about themselves and focus on those aspects of their body. Try and discover what factors play a role in your struggle with your body.  Create a Lean lifestyle that increases your chances for ending this war with your body– and do it NOW. 

Years in years of this mind battering tend to wear you down and dim your hopes.

Let’s try a few small things that will help you move in a more positive direction.

Look in the mirror as a whole person –rather than a collection of parts. ***note the parts that you feel are attractive. C’mon we know there a few things that you like!

Get in touch with your body sensations during a physical activ¬ity you enjoy.  **Note the way your body is moving and feeling. This helps you gain confidence that your program is working-YOU WILL FEEL BETTER.

Take care of all aspects of your body---teeth, nails, hair, eyes, skin, etc… ***note the aspects of your body that you can change immediately to make you feel good. We all love instant changes –this is no different –think how good you feel after a nice haircut or a trip to the beauty shop.

Seek out all the people who are positive and non-judgmental about their appearance and the appearance of others. ***Note a few people you can turn to for positive stimulation. You’ll be surprised how this frees you up and lessens the pressure of try-ing to compete with the next body that walks by.

Try on clothes in your new size. Keep one “fat outfit” for comparison. Wear clothes that allow you to move freely: flat, comfortable shoes, flowing skirts, and stretchy fabric. Don’t worry about the size – but how it fits and how it makes you feel.

Pay attention to how you fit into spaces. **Note how you fit into chairs, behind the steering wheel, through doorways, etc…this will help you gauge your success –when you can fit into spaces more easily and less cramped.


Imagine yourself successful – and you’ll be successful. Imagine yourself a failure – and you’ll probably fail.

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