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Diet Center is pleased to offer these outstanding nutrition and behavior guidance videos created by a world famous fitness authority Jaime Brenkus. A premier personal fitness trainer, Jaime is certified by the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM)and is a fitness Advocate for the President's Challenge. His best selling 8 Minute Abs videos have helped millions get slimmer, trimmer, tighter waistlines. Now you can join Jaime and his hosts - Nicholas Verdi, Hannah Mortensen, Andrea Mackey and Carrie Hubbard -- as they reveal valuable secrets for weight loss that lasts.

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Cut 100 Calories

It’s easy to cut out 100 calories at your table:

Did you know that if you cut out a 100 calories per day from your current eating habits -you would lose 10 pounds of fat per year. In 5 years --that's 50 pounds!

Here's a few ways to cut a 100 calories per day from your diet plan.

  • Instead of sour cream or butter on your baked potato -try salsa.    
  • Do without a piece of bread or a roll with margarine at meals.
  • Remove the skin from chicken before or after cooking .
  • Instead of full fat mayo for sandwiches or tuna salad -use a small amount of light mayo or plain yogurt.
  • Replace cheese with tomatoes, lettuce, onions on your sandwich or hamburger.
  • Replace your favorite soft drink with a glass of ice cold water.
  • Leave 3-4 bites of food on your plate at each meal and don’t go for seconds.
  • Instead of fruit juice choose a piece of fruit, which will cut calories and fill you up more
  • Grab a handful of your favorite snack and put the bag away!
  • Substitute a no-calorie sweetener for sugar in each cup of coffee you drink daily.
  • Use a non-stick skillet or cooking spray instead of butter when stove-top cooking.
  • Choose tuna packed in water instead of tuna packed in oil.
  • Use light or fat-free dressing on your salads instead of the regular version and leave off the croutons.
  • Reduce your portion of pasta and or rice by ½ cup.
  • Choose thin crust pizza as opposed to thick crust .
  • Top your pizza with vegetables and leave off the fatty meats such as sausage and pepperoni as well as double cheese.
  • Stick to one cup of cereal and fill the rest of the bowl with fresh fruit.
  • Grill a vegetable burger or turkey burger instead of a beef burger.
  • Replace your breaded sticks with grilled fresh fish.
  • Replace your daily candy bar with a piece of fresh fruit.

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