Careful Eating Or Careless Eating

Careless or Careful eater?

Are you a careless or careful eater?  Some people don't eat too  much at meals, but they are careless about when and what they eat at other times. 

They snack  or they eat what is left over.  You may wind up eating more calories  than if you ate three sensible meals.

Stop being a careless eater.....start thinking like a careful eater!

A careless eater eats the last slice of pizza so it doesn't go to waste.  A careful eater wraps up the last slice or throws it away.  your don't have to clean up the leftovers . it is better to throw it out than to throw it on your waistline.

A Careless eater leaves tempting treats into he plain sight or where they are easily reached.  A careful eater stores tempting treats out of sight and out of easy reach.  Out of sight -out of mind helps your will power.

A careless eater snacks while watching TV.  A careful eater does not eat in front of the TV which lulls you into overeating.

A careless eater -eats anywhere and everywhere in the house.  A careful eater confines eating to the dining room or kitchen table. You don't have to eat constantly or eat everywhere you go.

A careless eater eats standing up, putting food away, or eats while cooking.  A careful eater eats only when sitting down at meals . 

A careless eater tastes food from everyone's else's plate or finishes what others leave over.  A careful eater eats only what is on their own plate. 

A careless eater eats crackers, cereal, or chips right from he box.  A careful eater pours a reasonable portion onto a plate or bowl and puts the box away. Know your portion sizes and stay with the allotted amount.

A careless eater eats on the run and often winds up at the fast food drive -thru.  A careful eater thinks ahead and eats nutritious, calorie-controlled meals -to go.  Take good care of yourself and plan out healthy meals.

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