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Looking for diet partner

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mccurrle16Posted: 10/07/2018 10:46 PM
Hi, looking for someone to buddy with. I have problems with evening and night eating. The program does work. I did it over 20 years ago- but was able to have direct support at the center. Having a partner would make this journey easier!
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landers9241@gmail.comPosted: 10/11/2018 06:49 PM

I came across your post and am replying to your request for a diet buddy. I just signed up today for the 21 day diet to get started. I too am a night eaterf.
Wold love to chat and compare notes.

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mccurrle16Posted: 11/05/2018 04:46 PM
Hi Liz- so sorry for late response. If you are still interested, I would appreciate being partners. Have let stress of job affect my eating habits. I followed this program over 20 years ago, and it works. But, I lived in a town with a Diet Center. Hope to hear from you. THanks!
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