Body Mass Index

Read here to learn more about body mass index and why it is an important consideration in your weight loss program and your overall health.




Body Mass Index

What is a healthy weight? Experts are saying it varies widely from person to person; it can range up to as much as 30 pounds!

These same authorities are saying that healthy weight has little to do with the numbers you see on the bathroom scale; (we knew that all along) they now say a good way to measure healthy weight is with the Body Mass Index (BMI).

The very best way to determine whether you are at a healthy weight is by measuring your fat to lean ratio with a body composition analysis. This can be done in a matter of minutes at your nearest Diet Center®.

However, if you want a quick idea of the range you should fit into, the BMI is the next best tool.

The BMI recommended range for adults is 20-25. (Translation: a person who is 5'4" should weigh between 116 and 145 pounds.) Young adults under 25 years of age should have a BMI reading of 20 to 24. The idea behind the BMI index is to provide an idea of "healthy weight" and then leave it up to individual interpretation to determine where in the range you feel comfortable.

Being "thin" shouldn't be your goal; being at a "healthy weight" is more realistic and takes away the pressure of perfectionism.

Our objective in losing weight needs to be--first and foremost--for health reasons and only second--to look better.