The Crashing of Crash Diets

If you are a chronic dieter, you have probably noticed how quickly lost weight returns once the dieting stops. A study published in the august issue of the Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology demonstrated that those who favor low-calorie crash diets without intending long-term behavior changes tend to gain the weight back quickly. The results of the study pointed out the importance of behavior-modification training and exercise when considering a weight-loss program. Such training provides a better guarantee for permanent weight loss.

Losing weight is not always enough to create a slim dieter.

Sometimes the formerly obese maintain a picture of heaviness in their minds' eye even though they have lost great amounts of weight. There are others who find it impossible to adjust to slimness. These people feel they have not only lost weight, but they have also lost a part of themselves. While they hated being obese, it was a condition that was comfortable and secure. Years of studies have emphasized the important role that body image plays in the problem of obesity. Those who have conflicts in this area may benefit from long-term counseling; then they, too, can enjoy the total rewards that come from a healthy body image accompanying their new, slim bodies.