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Exclusively You and DIETFAST 2 Week Essentials Bundle

Product No. B2WK

  • A great Concept to help MAXIMIZE healthy weight loss
  • A convenient Concept in NUTRITION CONTROL
  • An easy Concept to HELP CURB HUNGER
  • A specialized WEIGHT LOSS Concept for people on the go
  • A quick Concept in providing ENERGY during your diet

This kit is designed to supplement Diet Center's Exclusively You and DIETFAST Weight Management Programs and contains a 14 Day Supply of each of the following:

  • Water Enhancer (in lieu of our exclusive hunger curbing Chewable Diet Supplements*)
  • Fiber Capsules to help stabilize blood sugar levels, minimize hunger, and promote good health
  • Multi-Vitamin Supplement & EMC Tablets to help assure balanced nutrition and a successful diet

Note: Diet Center Multi-Vitamin Supplement and Diet Center EMC Tablets replace Diet Center's Vitamin & Mineral and Cal-Mag Formulas. Please use as directed on package.

Production of our Diet Center Chewables has been disrupted by supply chain issues. We are working hard to resolve the disruption. In the interim, the contents listed above will be shipped as a bundle with a 15 day supply (1 Box) of our Advanced 24 Hour Thermogenics Water Enhancer.