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Exclusively You Essentials - 1 Week Kit

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  • Essential to helping MAXIMIZE healthy weight loss
  • Essential to helping METABOLIZE carbohydrates, proteins and FATS
  • Essential in CURBING HUNGER
  • Essential in providing ENERGY during your diet  

Special Product Features

  • Kit contains everything you need to supplement your Exclusively You program for 1 week including DietCenter's hunger curbing special Chewable Diet Supplements
  • Antioxidant Formula to fight free radicals and promote good health
  • Cal-Mag for strong bones, good health and a successful diet
  • Vitamin and Mineral Formula to keep you healthy and help avoid illness

Program based on the experience of millions of Diet Center® clients! Buy several kits at once or purchase one at a time as needed.

Included with your Kit are:

  • 7 Days (1 week supply) of Diet Supplements(56 chewable diet supplements), conveniently packaged in one day packets
  • (1) Bottle Cal-Mag tablets (28 tablets-1 week supply)
  • (1) Bottle Multi-Vitamin (7 tablets-1 week supply)
  • (1) Bottle Anti-Oxidant (7 tablets-1 week supply)
  • Nutritional Facts and Information