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21 Day Diet - 1 Week Kit

Product No. 21DAY KIT

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  • Helps MAXIMIZE healthy weight loss
  • An easy Concept to HELP CURB HUNGER
  • A specialized WEIGHT LOSS Concept for people on the go
  • A quick Concept in providing ENERGY during your diet

Kit contains a One Week supply of the following Diet Center Essentials:

  • Exclusive Diet Center Chewable Diet Supplement
  • Multi-Vitamin Supplement and Essential Minerals with Calcium (EMC Tablets) to support balanced nutrition
  • Gold Premium Protein Supplements 
    2 Boxes (7 Servings Each) based on recommended 2 servings per day -- you may consume up to 4 daily. To purchase more separately, please click here.
Note: Diet Center Multi-Vitamin Supplement and Diet Center EMC Tablets replace Diet Center's Vitamin & Mineral and Cal-Mag Formulas. Please use as directed on package.