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Smart Keto Diet Guide & Plan

Product No. KT PROG

Diet Center Smart Keto diet plan is a high-fat, low-carb progressive diet plan featuring the following:
  1. Beginner's Guide to the Ketogenic Diet (included)
  2. Three part progressive food plan (included)
  3. Special Keto supplements (available at regular low prices)
This is a clean Keto plan, not a dirty Keto plan, therefore, the health benefits extend way beyond impressive weight loss.
Smart Keto healthy benefits:
  1. Highly effective weight loss
  2. Targeted belly fat reduction
  3. Appetite suppression
  4.  Reduced risk of type 2 diabetes
  5.  Reduced risk factors for heart disease
  6.  Look better, feel better, and be healthier today
The following Diet Center products have been designed into this program to help maximize Keto results while assuring balanced nutrition. Be sure to order today so you'll have plenty on hand when your diet plan arrives!
  • Required Daily: (1) Diet Center Multi-Vitamin Supplement, (2) Diet Center EMC Tablets, and (1) 24 Hour Thermogenics Gold Premium Protein Supplement. Your choice of one of the following options is also required daily: (1) Diet Center Nutritional Cold Drink Supplement, (1) Diet Center Smart Keto Keto Bar, or (1) additional 24 Hour Thermogenics Gold Premium Protein Supplement.
  • Optional: Up to 4 Servings of 24 Hour Thermogenics Water Enhancer.
  • Highly Suggested: Diet Center Smart Keto KETO POWER PAK which includes a 30 day Supply of BHBs, MCT Oil and Keto Test Strips.
Ready to get started? Diet Center Smart Keto is so easy to follow, simple to understand, and delivers fabulous weight loss results. So, get your new wardrobe ready. You'll start losing pounds and inches immediately.