AM/PM Weight Control Patches (15 Day Supply + 1 Bonus Day)

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A breakthrough in weight control, our new AM (DayTime) and PM (NightTime) Patches contain premium botanicals to help burn fat, kill hunger and crush cravings like never before. When used as directed, they work with your body's natural rhythms delivering the right ingredients at the right time -- day and night -- to help support maximum weight loss results.

The AM Patch helps promote weight loss with ingredients that target fat burning, increased energy and enhanced metabolism during your most active hours while keeping hunger at bay all day long. The PM Patch helps promote weight loss with ingredients that focus on evening appetite suppression, reducing cravings and snacking, and helping you wind down to rest. And when you finally close your eyes to sleep, special ingredients support continued fat burning and metabolism all night long.

AM Patch for DayTime Use and
PM Patch for NightTime Use!

Help Your Body Burn Fat 24 Hours a Day!
Simply apply an AM Patch first thing in the morning upon awakening and wear all day long. Replace the AM Patch with a PM Patch at the end of the day, about an hour before dinner, and wear all night long.

Features & Benefits:

ForsLean® (Coleus Forksholii Extract)
Helps Burn Fat and
Protect Lean Muscle

Green Tea Extract
Helps Burn Fat, Support
Metabolism and Boost Energy

KINETIQ™ (Citrus Aurantium Extract) 
Helps Enhance Metabolism, Control
Appetite and Boost Energy

Satiereal® (Saffron Extract) 
Helps Kill Anxiety Driven Hunger,
Crush Cravings and Stabilize Mood

+ 11 other special ingredients that help maximize weight loss results.