Diet Center Diet Tips

Here are some diet tips that will help keep you on track and on time for goal weight.

Apr 22, 2019 Tip

Walking around the mall can help you burn calories (especially more than home shopping online or through the television).  However, it’s often too tempting and convenient to stop at the food court.  Food courts make it very easy to get off track from your diet, especially with the combo sandwich deals, super-size deals, and tempting aromas of fried, greasy foods.  Before you order the super-size fries, double-burger, and large soda; ask yourself a question.  Do you want more for your money including more fat and calories?  Or would rather get less for your money by staying on track and losing the excess pounds!  Sometimes less is better. 

You can survive a trip to the food court by making wise selections.  When you order Chinese food, select steamed rice and veggies.  Ask for the low-fat, low-sodium sauces.  When choosing Italian, a small portion of spaghetti is a good selection. Just remember to go easy on the sauce, Parmesan, and meatballs.  You can even get a side garden salad with fat-free dressing.  Bean or chicken burritos are good Mexican choices.  If you get a sub sandwich, stick to lean cold cuts topped with veggies, and hold the cheese and mayonnaise.  Some places offer small portion specials if you ask. If not, set aside an appropriate portion and take the rest home.  A stop at the food court can fill you up, but it doesn’t have to harm your weight loss program!