Diet Center Diet Tips

Here are some diet tips that will help keep you on track and on time for goal weight.

Jun 18, 2018 Tip

Some top nutrition experts have watched what people tend to choose at restaurants and groceries. The following are the top five common mistakes they feel people make, that contribute to an unhealthy diet that promotes weight gain:

·         People try to get more for their money: People feel the need to buy super-sized portions to get a bargain. But is getting more, worth consuming more calories? Portion sizing is essential for weight loss success.

·         People assume that liquids don’t provide too many calories: Sodas, juices, instant lemonade and iced teas, cocoas, etc. all provide calories mainly from sugar. Cutting out sugary beverages can save hundreds of calories, and leave room for more nutritious foods.

·         People do not know when they are truly hungry:  Many people eat in response to the slightest feeling of hunger. Even if they may just be thirsty, or reacting to the sight or smell of food. It’s important to understand when your body needs fuel, and also when your body is full.

·         People don’t make time to prepare food: Technology has made convenience a priority. However, convenience foods such as frozen entrees, boxed instant meals, and canned items tend to be high in sodium, fat and/or calories. They also tend to be low in fiber. Try to make an effort to limit how often convenience foods are consumed. You can also learn to label read and select more nutritious convenience items, such as Diet Center Meal Replacement Bars.

·         People don’t know how to fit fats in there diet: If you don’t know which fats are bad, you may consume too many that increase the risk of heart disease. If you don’t consume good fats, you can miss out on essential nutrients your body needs for good health. And if you don’t portion sizes, you can easily consume too many calories. Stick to the good fat choices on your Diet Center program, and learn to familiarize yourself with the portions. It will help you fit in fat for good health, and still lose weight.