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Nov 20, 2017 Tip

Veggie burgers are a nutritious, non-meat alternative to hamburgers. They may be made from soy, black beans, brown rice, rolled oats, mushrooms, carrots, or a variety of other nutritious ingredients. Veggie burgers are even often found on restaurant menus. There are so many varieties on the market that it may be difficult to choose. Their tastes and textures vary, but they are all more enjoyable then they have been in the past.

To help you determine which choices may be more nutritious, you should examine the nutrition facts panels and ingredient lists. Check out the fiber content. Many varieties offer anywhere from 2 to 5 grams per patty. Also, compare protein and carbohydrate content. Some varieties offer more protein and less starch than others. Be sure to note the calorie, fat and sodium content. Many choices are healthy, low calorie patties with unsaturated fat (good fat). However, there still are selections that may be high in fat and calories. Like most processed food items, some patties may be higher in sodium content. So be sure to monitor your intake (no more than 2300 mg sodium daily).

Look at the ingredient lists for food allergy or preference concerns. For example, if you avoid eggs, cheese, or nuts, then you would find this information listed in the ingredients. There are many varieties of veggie burgers to try. Anyone should be able to find a nutritious variety that they find tastes delicious!