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Feb 18, 2019 Tip

When choosing beef, you may find the meat  to be graded as “Prime,” “Choice,” or “Select.” These grades largely pertain to the amount of fat that runs through the flesh. These ribbons of fat you see in beef are also referred to as “marbling.” The more marbling there is, the more fat there is in a cut. The cuts with the most marbling are “Prime” grade cuts. These are typically the cuts served in restaurants. “Choice” grade cuts have the second most amount of marbling. Therefore, “Select” grade cuts have the least amount of marbling and fat.

You should choose “Select” meats to obtain the least amount of fat. If you cannot find a cut that is graded, you can look for cuts with the least amount of marbling. Cutting the fat off the edges of meat also will decrease the fat content. So be “selective” when you choose your beef cuts. It will help you cut the fat and calories, so you can enjoy a nutritious meal.