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Jul 17, 2017 Tip

 A lot of people pass up many opportunities to burn calories. The preference for convenience often leads to daily activities that burn little to no calories.  People choose the quick and physically inactive way to complete a chore instead of getting a little exercise.  For example, how many people do you know that hire someone to clean his or her house?  That costs them 0 calories, when they could burn up to 100 calories vacuuming for ½ hour! 

You can also burn up to 300 calories washing and waxing the car 1 hr/mo, instead of 0 calories going through a car wash.  Not using the drive-thru windows at places (ex. a bank) 3x/wk allows you to burn up to 70 calories, versus burning 15 calories while you sit in your car.  If you do any gardening and mow the lawn for an hour 1x/wk, you can burn over 350 calories!  Other ways people pass up opportunities to burn calories include paying for gas at the pump, home shopping, letting a grocery employee unload the cart, and using remote controls.

One study examined a typical month of these common chores and more.  They added the calories one has the opportunity to burn in completing a chore, and added the calories burned in the alternate activities that are more convenient.  The results showed that people pass up an opportunity to burn 8800 calories a month more than what they typically burn.  This amounts to 30 pounds of weight loss per year!  When you go through your daily routine, think about how you complete your chores.  Don’t let opportunities pass you by!