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Dec 10, 2018 Tip

You don’t have to let cold weather stop you from exercising outdoors!  You can exercise outside if you dress appropriately based on the temperature and wind.  Dress mildly when temperatures are 40° to 60°.  Moderate weather would be 10° to 40°.  It is even possible to exercise in severely cold temperatures of 10° or below if dressed right.  First, be sure to layer your clothes.  Your first layer should be close to your skin and should wick the moisture away.  In moderate to severe weather, use a second thermal layer. Also, you should wear a top layer that is waterproof and/or windproof with the appropriate amount of insulation to keep you warm.  During the first 10 minutes you should be cool, and then will probably be comfortable.  One way to gauge if you will be too warm is if you are too warm when you leave your home.   So layer up your clothes and you won’t have to miss out on the benefits of your walk or jog!