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Apr 22, 2019 Tip

Whenever you hear people make negative comments such as, “Some people have no self-control,” or “Many people are unhealthy;” do you feel such comments are directed towards you?  If you do, then you are “personalizing” the comments people make.  These comments may be made by others and have nothing to do with you, yet you tend to believe that they are about you.  This results in you feeling hurt because you believe that people are attacking your character.  This may lead to you criticizing yourself, and then turning to food to feel better. 

If you feel you are guilty of personalizing, you need to realize that this is a form of distorted thinking.  You need to become aware of these times when you personalize and criticize yourself because of comments others make.   Recognize that this kind of thinking is affecting how you perceive yourself, and your self-worth.  This lack of self-esteem can prevent you from staying motivated to do well on your weight loss program.  Remind yourself that not everything that people discuss is about you. Accept the fact that you may have flaws, but nobody is perfect.  Remember that it is only a belief that people talk about you all the time, not reality.  It’s a belief that can be changed so that you can accept the facts and think positively about yourself and your weight loss efforts.