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Here are some diet tips that will help keep you on track and on time for goal weight.

Oct 15, 2018 Tip

Sometimes people eat to feel connected, to be part of a group, or help satisfy the need for love.  Such people need to recognize this eating is a response to a psychological need, and not a physiological one.  You are entitled to have your needs met, but need to determine what it is you need.  Being part of a group doesn’t require you to change your identity.  You should still be recognized as part of a group even if you don’t have a piece of that birthday cake. 

When in a social setting, try to turn your attention away from food or bring you own snacks.  To satisfy your need for love, you can nurture your self with Options other than food.  You can try relaxation therapy, listen to soothing music, hug a pet, get a massage, or buy fresh flowers for your home.  Emotional eating can be dealt with, once you recognize your true needs and take measures to satisfy them appropriately.