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Jul 24, 2017 Tip

A variety of thoughts usually automatically accompany a craving.  These thoughts are usually so deeply established that many people are not aware of them.  Automatic thoughts associated with a craving often have a sense of urgency and exaggerated consequences, for example, “I’ll die right now if I don’t eat.”  It is important to recognize the automatic thoughts and counter them effectively.  The first step is to identify the thoughts that run through your head when you have a craving.  Then you can counter or confront these thoughts with positive self-talk. 

Talk back to your negative thoughts!  When you catch yourself thinking, “My body can’t handle another minute without food,” challenge this negative automatic thought.  Understand that automatic thoughts like this aren’t always true.  Tell yourself, “This craving is uncomfortable, but I don’t have to give in and it will pass.”   You can train your thoughts to be positive.  With practice, confronting automatic thoughts by talking to yourself can help reduce the frequency and intensity of a craving.