Time to Reach Your Weight Loss Goals.

Healthier eating can sometimes be time consuming. You’re adopting a new lifestyle change that often takes a lot of planning. We try to make it as easy as possible to overcome that initial hurdle with the Instant Shape Up weight loss program. This meal replacement plan is designed especially for those who lead a very busy lifestyle.

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How It Works.

Instant Shape Up® protein bars and shakes come in nine different flavors and are fortified with vitamins and minerals crucial for good health and balanced nutrition. You’ll enjoy three delicious bars or shakes a day followed by a delicious dinner prepared with grocery store ingredients.

The convenient meal replacements help take the guess work out of portion control and limit the load of having to prepare meals throughout the day. This program is so easy to follow!

Of course we’ll also show you tips and tricks for healthier meal preparation for your evening meal prepared with foods from your local market.

You also get exclusive access to Diet Center Chewable Supplements which help stabilize blood sugar and suppress appetite while helping your body metabolize protein, fat and carbohydrates. Essential vitamins and minerals are also incorporated into the program to help assure nutritional balance, and your Diet Center counselor may recommend other supplementation as needed.

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