Initial Investment


An Affordable Franchise:

- Competitive Franchise
- Low Start Up Costs
- Flat License Fee

Ongoing Support:

- Established Brand
- Ongoing Training
- Expert Support
- Custom Ad System
- Local Internet Sites




 Initial investment opportunity

Franchisee Fee; Just $26,000

How Are Franchise Fees Used?
Your franchise fee enables us to provide you with:

  •  Your License Agreement
  • Franchise Development Team
  • Initial Training and Support
  • Diet Center Marketing Materials
  • Site Location Assistance
  • Grand Opening Supervision
  • State Registrations
  • Disclosure Document Updates
  • Demographic Studies
  • Brand Building Support

The chart below indicates an initial investment range to open a Diet Center Franchise (up to the first three months). These estimates are approximate and are subject to variations in advertising rates, geographic area, labor costs, office space rates, leasehold improvement costs and other factors.

Your investment can vary greatly due to market conditions and your ability to lease or finance. Specific market research should be performed when estimating your initial business development costs.

 Description of Expenses

  Approx. Low Approx. High
 Initial Franchise Fee 26,000 26,000
 Equipment 4,000 5,500
 Point of Sale System 1,600 2,800
 Furniture, Supplies & Signs 24,545 28,859
 Opening Product Inventory 7,000 10,000
 Opening Advertising 10,000 10,000
 Travel & Living Expenses (While Training) 2,500 4,000
 Real Estate & Improvements 9,000 18,000
 Insurance 2,300 4,000
 Miscellaneous Operating Costs 2,500 4,000
 Additional Funds 3,500 10,000
 LipoGenics Laser Body Contouring System
(Optional-Applies to High Column Only)
- 44,000
 Infra-Red Body Wrapping System
(Optional - Applies to High Column Only)
- 9,995
 Approximate Total Range 92,945 177,154