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Powerful Weight Loss Diet Products

Diet Center is focused on weight loss program options that support a healthier approach towards achieving weight loss results. We're proud to be an innovative leader in developing new diet products and programs that provide powerful weight loss results. Our programs employ excellent nutrition and behavior management techniques and moderate exercise recommendations to help clients reach weight loss goals quickly.

Diet Center's exceptional line of diet products has been painstakingly developed to complement each of our weight loss programs. While many Diet Center products function as integral parts of our diets, others are offered as tasty, optional, convenient options. Diet Center products are selected to deliver maximum results and are a trustworthy alternative to the more traditional diet products claiming to provide fast weight loss results.

Diet Programs & Kits For Fast Weight Loss Results

In Diet Center's nearly 40 years of operation, over 15 million dieters have turned to us to help support their weight loss goals. Both women and men turn to our programs and products knowing they will receive fast weight loss results and the one-on-one support required to support long-term success. Diet Centers innovative diet programs are available through every one of our centers nationwide.

However, for dieters who may not have a Diet Center conveniently located in their community, Diet Center's weight loss programs are also available on-line. Regardless of the weight loss method selected, Diet Center's experience, knowledge and successful track record are proven to help dieters achieve weight loss success no matter what their weight loss goals or lifestyle.

Exclusively You is the foundation of Diet Center's trusted method of weight loss and weight management and has been the key to weight loss success for millions of dieters. Exclusively You is deal for those who prefer to prepare their own meals using mostly grocery store foods, while Instant Shape Up and DIETFAST are meal replacement plans for busy dieters seeking the convenience of meal replacement supplements balanced by a daily meal prepared from traditional foods. Instant Shape Up features higher protein/lower carbohydrate meal replacement bars and shakes with a menu that includes a sensible meal prepared from real foods. Our second meal replacement plan option, DIETFAST, features specially formulated diet bars, shake/puddings and drinks with a proprietary blend of ingredients designed to help burn fat, control hunger and promote metabolism along. DIETFAST also features a daily meal prepared from traditional food choices with many options selected especially for their fat burning, high fiber, high satiety and low glycemic properties. And for those interested in a highly disciplined program based on the theory of thermogenisis, Diet Center offers the revolutionary 21 Day Diet from Advanced Fat Burning 24 Hour Thermogenics. This highly disciplined program is designed to help put clients' bodies into ultimate fat burning mode based on the thermogenic theory that certain foods, taken in combination and supplemented by specific spices and herbs, increase the ability of the body to burn fat and suppress appetite.

Going on vacation, or just need to get control of your weight for a shorter period of time? Try one of our diet supplement kits. Our Success to Go 7 Day Diet Kit is perfect to get you on the right track. If you're the type of person who feels uncomfortable dieting on-line and do not live conveniently near one of our full service Diet Centers, we have developed a special 8 Week Success to Go Kit just for you. We'll get you losing those extra pounds, inches and excess body fat right away. Take advantage of a Diet Center program today!